Service and warranty

We value each client

When you become an owner of the TERRANICA all-terrain vehicle, you will feel the benefits in every aspect of its operation, from quality and workmanship to support in case of breakdown. In other words, when you undertake your TERRANICA owner's obligations, we are committed to you.

The acquisition of the TERRANICA vehicle is an outstanding result. When combining bold engineering solutions and advanced technologies with the most efficient materials, these all-terrain vehicles amaze by their performance and quality.

But no matter how perfect your all-terrain vehicle is, no one is immune from unpleasant surprises. TERRANICA takes care of its clients. You can be certain that we will support you whatever should happen. We will always help you and answer any question about your all-terrain vehicle. We will care to keep your asset in perfect condition to ensure that your all-terrain vehicle operation is as good as it was on the day it left the factory.

TERRANICA service center
TERRANICA service center

All TERRANICA vehicles carry two guarantees: a guarantee against all-terrain vehicle defects, and a guarantee for engine and transmission.

  • 6 month for all defects found in the vehicle;

  • 6 month for engine and transmission.

Our hotline
we guarantee to help you with all
your maintenance questions

TERRANICA does its best so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of our all-terrain vehicles. Ensuring a high level of service and satisfaction of our clients is an integral part of our work.

Being an owner of a TERRANICA product means enjoying your vehicle without having to worry about repairs. If you do need help, you just call us at any time! We will do our best to assist you and get you back on the road again. For us, a TERRANICA owner is a special client not only in the dealer's premises. So you always know that there is a helping hand to support you in the best possible way.

We are always by your side.

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