TERRANICA Dreamtrack L
– long wheelbase Dreamtrack

The cabin capacity of up to 8 people and the ability to mount 600-mm tracks gives even more advantages.


Characteristics Value
Engine Turbo diesel
Engine capacity, liters 2.0
Power, kW 110
Torque, Nm 310
Transmission 4-speed AT
Turning device Side clutches
Fuel tank capacity, liters 120
Climbing angle, degrees 30
Slope overcome angle, degrees 20
Number of seats 8
Maximum speed 80
Length, mm 4530
Width, mm 2000/2200/2400
Height, mm 2020
Wheel track, mm. 1700/1800
Base, mm. 3060
Ground clearance, mm. 430
Track width, mm. 500/600
Weight (loaded/gross), kg. 1950/2550
Specific ground pressure (kg/cm2) at loaded weight with 500/600 mm. track 0,06/0,05
Specific ground pressure (kg/cm2) at gross weight with 500/600 mm. track 0,08/0,07

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